Are you looking for the ultimate solution to gain insight into all your applications and data sources? Whether it is in the field of HR, finance, supply chain or operations: the need to operate all this under one span of control is growing.

In fact, you want to connect all your systems to each other. The solution? An integration Platform as a Service, i.e. an iPaaS.

The Workato iPaaS platform enables communication between systems in the cloud and on-premise. You can use this to increase the quality of crucial processes but also to automate processes. Chances are that there is a great opportunity to set up workflows more efficiently with the help of an integration platform.

For example, a new employee interacts with all departments within your organization, from HR to finance to IT. In practice, we see that cross-departmental processes are difficult to achieve. Automating these processes is as easy as pie with Workato, creating a seamless experience for new employees! No more wasting time in training new colleagues, but getting started right away!

You want to trust your organization’s data, for example, information your employees share with your customers. Fixing data quality issues where data streams come together - within your integration platform - results in more insights and the possibility to correct where necessary. 

With Workato, you can unlock possibilities that were simply not possible before. Integrate your organization’s big legacy systems with other applications without compromising your existing enterprise architecture.

Future development by the organization itself is intuitive by using low-code. The Workato platform provides a simplification of your current API landscape. Normally a proliferation of APIs exists. However, connecting systems with Workato is a piece of cake. The result? Your API landscape becomes much simpler! This provides:

  • more overview

  • the ability to update more easily

  • more operational flexibility to solve future problems

One platform for integration and automation. Compare data between systems, manage APIs or realize automation processes across different departments within your organization. All this, easily and quickly through existing connectors and integration flows.

Are you looking for an intuitive and future-proof solution that helps you integrate all your data sources? Or do you see room for improvement by connecting multiple systems within your organization but don’t know where to start? Let’s get in touch!