segona web

search, smart, find fast

As an online service provider, you know that every bump in your customer journey is a potential source of complaints. All the more reason to set your website up as smoothly as possible, with a search functionality that quickly and accurately leads your customers to the right results. Incentro segona web provides your customers with a digital assistant that not only knows your website like no other but also actively assists them.

intelligent searchassistant for your customers

The times when you only found what you were looking for using targeted search terms have long since passed. Search tools now recognize synonyms, correct spelling mistakes, and don’t wince when you throw a full sentence question at them.

The same is true for segona web that deciphers your customers’ searches effortlessly. But where most search tools are only triggered when you query them, segona web is always active. It records the search behavior of individual users, links them to the behavior of other visitors, and even collects data about the outside world. This creates a cluster of knowledge that allows segona web to make ever more intelligent suggestions.

example 1: telecom provider

Telecom providers do their utmost to provide customers with a fast and stable connection. Nonetheless, sometimes things goes wrong. Most annoying, because internet problems are a source of complaints and, therefore, are bad for NPS. Fortunately, customers can quickly forget their frustration if they are helped properly. On the phone, a friendly helpdesk employee can make the difference, online segona web does that. For example, by informing customers immediately about disturbances in their area, based on their location data. Or by identifying the customer’s modem and instantly presenting them with the correct instructions.

example 2: icecream when temperatures soar

In the summer, food retailers closely monitor the weather forecast. When temperatures soar, they will ensure that cold beers are readily available for the grabbing. Online, segona web can do the same for you. If a customer start to type “ic” on a hot day, segona web has you covered: icecream is presented onscreen before your customer even finishes typing.

simple and intuitive searching through your website
quick and easy retrieval of the right information
insight into the search behavior of your customers

the benefits of segona web

  • Segona Web is an intelligent search assistant that actively engages with your customers. By linking individual search behavior, global visitor patterns, and data from external sources, segona web quickly and accurately provides the information your customers need. In addition, segona web becomes smarter, as it learns from each search it receives.
  • One size fits all segona web is an Open API that can be utilised by any website. That includes your own. Do the implementation yourself, have it done for you or engage us, we are happy to help with your implementation.
  • Easy to use; segona web has a user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily make changes yourself. We do the heavy technical work so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Pay-per-use; you pay for segona web based on the actual number of search queries that your website receives. You’ll never get stuck on an expensive and long-term contract and you’ll never pay too much.


Think segona web can be the solution for your website? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss what segona web can mean for you, and provide you with an informal quote.