enterprise search

finding the correct information is crucial

There is never a lack of data and information: within the company, on organisations’ network disks, and externally, on websites. However, this data and information needs to be relevant in order to be useful. Since relevant information is of significant value, Incentro has specialised in search solutions, as this enables us to develop and implement comprehensive solutions on behalf of our clients.

strong partners create strong solutions

We develop all our search solutions in conjunction with our partners Google and Coveo, as well as through the knowledge and expertise of our internal specialists.

enterprise search

We are seeing a growing stream of data within organisations. All this information tends to be distributed across different systems, applications, databases, network disks and websites. This can make it tricky for employees to retrieve the correct data at the correct time, which, in turn, undermines productivity.

Implementing a search solution for the internal network makes it possible to find all business data quickly, while the data itself is secure and well organised. This benefits all different types of organisations, including call centres: it makes it possible for agents to provide consistent answers to customer questions.


Despite the emergence of social media, websites remain the number one marketing tool for the majority of organisations. With visitors deciding within an average of eight seconds whether or not to stay on a particular website, it is essential that they are immediately directed to the services, products or data they are looking for. A powerful search engine is a key factor in this process,

with a growing group of users regarding search as a primary navigation tool. It’s also an increasingly important element when it comes to achieving conversion targets and offering the appropriate content to visitors. The search solutions created by our partners are innovative, making them ready for the future.

However, with the wide choice of technologies currently available, you’d almost forget what really matters when it comes to Search: the person performing the actual search. In order to be able to generate effective search results, it’s important to make use of this essential resource. Once you know who’s performing the search and what this person is looking for, you can provide them with the most valuable search results: personalised search results. Our partner GX Software has created a solution specifically for this purpose: BlueConic, a tool that allows users to personalise search results in conjunction with the Google and Coveo search functions.

our partners

In implementing search solutions, we work together with our partners Google & Coveo to develop and implement search tools for businesses and governments.

the best fit

Being aware that every organisation is unique, we make a point of configuring customised search solutions. Whether these solutions are created using Google or Conveo software depends on a variety of elements, with the decision, of course, being ultimately up to the organisation itself. We invite you to discover the world of Search and will support you in making the right choice for your organisation. Feel free to schedule a no-obligation appointment today by contacting us at+31 30 6665315 or sending an email to search@incentro.com.