mendix partner

mendix and incentro partners in rapidly realizing business objectives

Mendix is a platform that enables users to develop and share business applications. As such, the solution is right in line with Incentro’s vision: we believe that Information Management is an area that requires an integrated approach. Combined with our specialised knowledge of Information Management, our Mendix expertise enables organisations to use information as a source of strength quickly and effectively.

mendix works with existing applications

Mendix allows you to opt to maintain existing applications and add an additional access layer using your own business logics, including access to every conceivable channel. For example, data from obsolete (legacy) systems can easily and quickly be displayed in an app or online.

using mendix to create apps with a short development cycle

With Mendix’ short development cycle, we can quickly present measurable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, which will dramatically reduce the costs involved in app development. The upshot is that your organisation will be able to gain easy, cost-effective access to all the data and information you need.

our specialists

Our front-end specialists can help create fully-fledged business and consumer apps, while our marketing experts can ensure that Mendix can be used to improve online conversion rates.

comprehensive knowledge

Since we regard front-end as a specialised field, we can deliver comprehensive, high-quality projects. But Incentro’s experience and expertise extend beyond document management alone: we can also assist organisations in Search, Online and Business Intelligence..

personal approach

One of the great assets of our service is that we take a personal approach to each project. This means we provide independent and personalised advice: we are open and honest in the services we provide and offer product-independent and supplier-independent advice. Our people work at client sites, which ensures direct lines of communication.