digital communication

let’s make it as easy as possible

The best meetings are face to face. That’s why we provide digital solutions that make sure you can always collaborate in person.

(video) calls & chatting for businesses

We strongly believe in Google’s vision on online communication – that’s why they’re our partner and one of our best buddies. Communication has to be fast, user-friendly, and available everywhere. Google Hangouts is an all-in-one service that enables you to communicate with your contacts – regardless of which device you’re using. Messages and pictures sent from your smartphone will arrive on tablets, PCs, or Macs without delay.

Hangouts is part of G Suite (previously known as Google Apps for Work), which enables your company to function more efficiently. Services include professional e-mail, online storage, videoconferencing, shared calendars and more.

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face to face, but online

Make your online meetings easier with a Chromebox for meetings. Participating is easy: clients, partners, and colleagues can simply use the meeting’s URL. You don’t even need an account with Google! Chromebook for meetings synchronizes seamlessly with G Suite, and synchronizes with calendars in both Google and Outlook.