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Working together in an organization in a straightforward, clear, but above all efficient way is not always easy. Employees often face challenges: files are located on different computers, hard drives, and cloud environments. This not only makes collaboration more difficult, but it also limits employee flexibility. Work becomes inefficient, and working remotely is almost impossible.

efficient cloud collaboration

Once you start working in the cloud, all your employees will have easy and straightforward access to all the information they need. Files can be created, edited, and shared from anywhere, using only a phone, tablet, or laptop. This way, working in the cloud makes collaboration within your organization more efficient.

the solution: G Suite

With the solutions provided by G Suite (previously known as Google Apps for Work), your company can function more efficiently. Services include professional e-mail, online storage, videoconferencing, shared calendars and more.

By working together in the Google Cloud, physical barriers are no longer a problem. You no longer need to work on different versions of Microsoft Office documents across several computers. With G Suite you can easily share documents in the cloud environment. Working in the cloud is possible from any location: on the road, in a cafe, at home – and at the office, of course.

Google Apps for Work

benefits g suite and incentro

  • Lower system and employee costs because people collaborate more efficiently in the cloud;
  • Creating a company environment in which happiness and well-being of your employees are center stage;
  • Optimize collaboration by using digital tools;
  • Independent advice about working in the cloud tailored to your needs: we are open and honest in our services and give advice independently from suppliers or products;
  • Our people work at your location. That way we can easily keep in touch;
  • We have products ready for use for all G Suite customers, such as an intuitive social intranet platform: www.blokk.io.

Intuitive IT and minimal maintenance

G Suite is designed as a comprehensive working environment based in the Google Cloud. This way your IT department doesn’t have to invest time and money in maintaining desktop components. Because working in the cloud requires no hardware or software, maintenance is minimal. The user experience is the same across all operating systems and browsers. Internet access is all users need to have instant access to their inbox, calendar, and documents. G Suite offers free support for wireless mobile access via iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows smartphones.

still want more?

We can provide you with advice on which tools you need to migrate to G Suite and the Google Cloud environment, and we can also help you with the logistics. Please get in touch with Dennis de Weerd (dennis.deweerd@incentro.com) for more information.