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Working together in an organization in a straightforward, clear, but above all efficient way is not always easy. Employees often face challenges: files are located on different computers, hard drives, and cloud environments. This not only makes collaboration more difficult, but it also limits employee flexibility. Work becomes inefficient, and working remotely is almost impossible.

We offer solutions for efficient online collaboration. This includes working together in a G Suite environment, bundling all information in an intranet environment (such as, or optimizing workflows for formal processes like case-oriented collaboration. These solutions are not only available within your company, but also for your relations with external parties.

g suite

With the solutions provided by G Suite (previously known as Google Apps for Work), your company can function more efficiently. Services include professional e-mail, online storage, videoconferencing, shared calendars and more.

Google Apps for Work

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We use G Suite as intranet, and have developed a SAAS application to use it as a social intranet. is easy to use, has an intuitive lay-out, and provides direct access to all the information an employee might need. incentro
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