enterprise solutions

Solutions for communication, collaboration and information

Every day is an information overload: we work with different systems, document types, and processes. In order to use all this information, we need to find an effective way of working together. We help organizations find solutions in the areas of information, communication, and collaboration.

digital transformation

We implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Manager (BPM) environments. These will enable you to cooperate online more easily and efficiently than ever. Whether you want to optimize workflows in local government or manage your educational institution’s test scores: we can build the right environment to do so.


We implement solutions for digital collaboration, from videoconferencing to sending e-mails, and from chatting to any other method of your choosing. We need to communicate, and the best meetings are always face-to-face – even when they’re online.

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We offer solutions for efficient online collaboration. This includes working together in a G Suite environment, bundling all information in an intranet-environment (such as Blokk.io), or optimizing workflows for formal processes such as case-oriented collaboration.

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tools and partners

We wouldn’t be able to do it with just our own knowledge and expertise. Together with our partners, we can find just the right innovative solutions for each of our customers.