with our technical solutions, we ensure that you as a marketer can be successful

Nowadays, your digital maturity determines whether you belong to the leaders in the market. We provide ‘digital happiness’, by increasing online sales and creating online engagement. Our customers use the online channel as sales channel and as a way to retain customers: customer engagement. The establishment Marketing Technology bridges the gap between marketing <-> experience management <-> e-commerce <-> technique.

There are thousands of companies that offer technical solutions that as a marketer you can deploy for your online business. Not an easy choice! We will help you make the right choices, based on your ambition and maturity level. With our technical solutions and market experience, we ensure that you will be successful as a marketer. We are the trusted advisor to the marketer!

Technology should support your online marketing and sales goals, not impede them.”, said John de Koning.


our specialty

We specialize in e-commerce and customer experience management. This means we will focus specifically on the improvement of e-commerce activities and the optimization of the online channel, with the purpose to retain visitors and to allow them to convert. The focus is always on increasing online sales.

Specifically, this may be the establishment of an e-commerce platform or the optimization of the current platform by using BI (data-driven commerce) or online personalization. In addition, we provide specific software (marketing technology toolkit), which helps marketers optimize their online marketing and sales activities. This includes tooling to increase findability (SEO), standard interfaces with Content Management Systems (CMS), a plugin for specific e-commerce reports (Google Analytics/Tag Manager) and a recommendation engine that offers product recommendations based on ratings, behavioural or personal data.

We believe in specialization and we are experts in the following tooling:

  • Intershop Commerce Suite: omni-channel e-commerce platform
  • SDL Customer Experience Cloud: integrated technology platform for online engagement
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): GX XperienCentral, Hippo, SDL Tridion


what specific needs do we fulfil?

  1. We ensure that marketing technology will work for you: In the field of e-commerce and experience/content management, we will help you make the right choices and we ensure that technology will really work for you. We implement platforms and optimize existing environments.
  2. Software to make your life as a marketer easier: At a time when marketing budgets are under pressure, it is extra important to focus on return. We deliver self-developed software products that will be installed as plugin or standalone in existing environments. By using our software, you will work smarter and more efficiently, it is cost-saving and increases your revenue.
  3. From ‘best guess marketing’ to ‘data driven marketing’: Big data is a commonly used spearhead, but also a vogue word. The knowledge and resources to really work data driven are often lacking. Therefore, we offer you ‘SAM’; your personal data driven assistant. We do all of the data integration, data science, we identify relevant patterns and we make predictions accordingly. You only receive the information that is important for you, and you can shoot hypotheses on SAM. In short, we make data driven work not only possible, but even easy. When you use SAM, as a marketer you know exactly how your customers move across your channels and what actions you should take in order to convert these. Visit sam.incentro.com for more information.
  4. The need for a real partner: Customers are looking for a partner to help them realize their online ambitions. A partnership with Incentro is best characterized as no-nonsense, flexible, lots of fun, enterprising, open, and personal. We apply Scrum as project methodology and we operate at customer’s site or at one of the Incentro offices, preferably with the business and IT at our laps.

Our culture is based on luck. This alone is enough reason to work with us! We believe that happy employees make for happy customers, and that good financial results will follow naturally. Therefore, our vision is: “happy Incentronauts deliver excellent results”. Read more on www.incentro.com/nl/cultuur


in short, this is incentro digital commerce

Our mission: Creating ‘digital happiness’, by increasing online sales and creating online engagement.

Our added value: We are the trusted advisors to the marketer that needs technology to achieve online goals.

Our specialty: We specialize in e-commerce and customer experience management.

Would you like to know more about Incentro Digital Commerce, or are you curious about a partnership or our market knowledge? Please contact john.dekoning@incentro.com | +31 (0) 683 334 822