high speed time-to-market becomes reality

IT projects are mostly large and complex. To optimize speed and reduce risks it’s important that IT specialists work together efficiently. That way mistakes in releases will be prevented, budgets will stay within limits, and most important: the investment will be profitable. Our DevOps Delivery Centre is designed to shape this process, to coordinate and optimize, through bringing development (Dev) and operations (Ops) together.

what is devops?

DevOps is a method of thorough collaboration. This way, lines of communication are kept short and clear. It’s a change of culture: from divided silo’s, to breaking these walls. It re-emphasizes the teamwork and communication between software developers and other IT-specialists. Processes of software delivery and changes in infrastructure are automated in this way. DevOps is there to create such a culture, where building, testing, and releasing software happens in a fast and reliable way.

DevOps has many benefits for the IT-department, but also for business. It brings:

faster time-to-market
less helpdesk tickets
higher customer satisfaction

not my responsibility

Wants and needs are set by the business and developed by the development team. Development has an influence on the delivered functionality, but will always be in an operational role. With limited influence on prioritizing, performing, and the content of the wants. When a product is finished the responsibility will lie with operations. Divided silo’s, separate responsibility.


we build it, we run it

DevOps is a logical step when an organization craves even more flexibility. Operations is added to the Development team, which also involves release- and maintenance responsibilities of the team. The team is in total control of the DTAP line and determines how often a release takes place. Truly fast time-to-market becomes reality. DevOps introduces a new philosophy in this sense; we build it, we run it.


DevOps offers a more efficient way of software development.

By bringing people together and sharing goals, more value is delivered to the team faster. This is done for the same investment.
– Marcel van Brakel, consultant & DevOps fanatic of Incentro

DevOps delivery center

Incentro has created its own DevOps delivery centre. A group of passionate fanatics, whose heartbeats rise when thinking about DevOps. Our DevOps Delivery Centre has a goal to help clients quickly and efficiently in their DevOps strategy. From preliminary stages to implementation and aftercare. The Incentro DevOps Delivery Centre relieves customers in the entire process.

Our specialists distinct five DevOps focus points:

  1. organization
    We guide the organization and teams in implementing the new philosophy.
  2. continuous integration & continuous deployment
    Through automatization of risk-carrying actions, such as software builds and deployments, we reduce the amount of errors and allow the team to focus on the actual results.
  3. architecture
    We make sure that the entire architecture is set up so results can be obtained quickly. Technique is no longer a slowing factor.
  4. testing
    Let your systems work for you, by building automized tests.
  5. insights
    We build smart mechanisms to make business value measurable.

some of our DevOps clients