smart solutions for making decisions: our data solutions genuinely add value

Incentro helps you obtain clean and well-structured data. Together with our clients, we examine how we can maximize the value of collected data. Starting from your needs and possibilities, we’ll develop a complete business intelligence solution. All the way from input to output.

incentro and big data: a winning combination

Big Data sources are increasingly taking their place alongside traditional information sources, with examples including internet use behaviour and external data regarding competitors or trends. If you incorporate this type of data into your analyses, you can use it to create new insights and be of even greater value to your clients.

the full spectrum: from analysis up to and including administration

Our organization has specialized in Business Intelligence since 1996, and we have acquired extensive experience over these years. This enables us to support our clients across the entire spectrum, ranging from analysis and consultancy to implementation and administration. In this process, we generally use software created by our partners QlikView, Pentaho and Informatica. Additionally, our people also possess specialized knowledge of Big Data technologies, including Hadoop and NoSQL databases.

This means that we develop a data strategy to suit your needs, implement matching business intelligence solutions, and organize trainings for end users. We provide services in the following categories:

safety intelligence
business intelligence
marketing intelligence

tools and partners

We wouldn’t be able to do it with just our own knowledge and expertise. That’s why we often collaborate with partners to find innovative solutions for our clients.