xperiencentral partner

we are the number one partner of GX Software in the Netherlands

For almost a decade now, our people have been devising solutions based on the GX WebManager content management system, making us the number one partner of GX Software in the Netherlands. Working with a team of more than 40 specialists, we offer comprehensive and up-to-date expertise in GX WebManager and share this knowledge with various organisations. This expertise is a great asset when working on XperienCentral projects, but we make the real difference with the projects we have already completed using XperienCentral.

We specialise in GX WebManager implementations, BlueConic and GX XperienCentral.

incentro: partner for gx implementation

gx xperiencentral partner since 2006

We have been investing in GX XperienCentral expertise since 2006 and currently have more than 40 specialists on our team. We are a Platinum Partner to GX Software, which means we offer extensive, up-to-date knowledge and expertise.

comprehensive knowledge

Since we regard front-end as a separate field of expertise, we can offer our clients a high-quality and comprehensive projects. But Incentro’s experience and expertise extend beyondOnline alone:  we can also assist organisations in Search, Business Intelligence and enterprise content management.

personal approach

One of the great assets of our service is that we take a personal approach to each project. This means we provide independent and personalised advice: we are open and honest in the services we provide and offer product-independent and supplier-independent advice. Our people work at client sites, which ensures direct lines of communication.

cost-effective administration

Naturally, we also provide web administration services, operating out of our Spanish branch office. This enables us to provide custom maintenance for our GX XperienCentral services, ranging from specific maintenance activities to 24/7 support.