incentro cloud solutions

accessible applications with google-dna

Whether it’s handy tools that make your colleagues happier and their work easier, or the ideal app for festivals: using Google’s technique, we can build ready-made solutions that will make you happy.

We always keep the technical design simple. That way you can implement every app effortlessly. We also prioritize user-friendliness, so you can use your solution immediately.

immediate intranet
 Building an intranet doesn’t have to take months! Setting up a simple intranet with takes about 15 minutes. is completely integrated with G Suit and personalized according to your preferences.

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e-mail signatures as a conversion opportunity
 A central policy for e-mail signatures has benefits. Consistency builds a brand. But your mails also have a conversion opportunity. With our Maildoodler app, you can realize e-mail signatures’ full potential.

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Intelligent tagging tool for your digital assets 
If you have a database filled with images, videos, and audio files, you know how important correct tagging is. That’s why Segona can do your tagging for you. So you have time for your real job.

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App for happy organizations 
We know what happiness on the job can mean for an organization. It causes happy faces and better results. Our app Moodforce will stimulate happiness within your company. It’s practical and works bottom-up!

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The ideal app for party people
 We love parties here at Incentro. Our happy Fissa app will make every party unforgettable. Literally – because Fissa makes it easy to share all your impressions and experiences with your friends. Together you’ll build one big party-feed, for an infinite afterglow.



Intelligent search engine behind your webshop
 Every successful has it’s own brilliant search engine, such as Findability by Incentro. But our search tool does more than just search: Findability uses our smart machine learning technology to really get to know customers, and help them find what they want.

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