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We believe in the power of Google when it comes to cloud solutions. The Google Cloud Platform has all the tools we need to substantially empower your digital business. We can provide solutions that are ready-made, or advanced building blocks so you can build your own. Whether you need a smart search assistant for a webshop, or have big plans for data within your organization: we’ll turn your online ambitions into reality with Google’s toolbox.

Incentro has been Google Premier Partner since 2014. That means we are optimally qualified to help organizations use Google Cloud Platform, no matter how complex their demands.

cloud solutions

We don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes the Google Cloud Platform has a ready solution, and we’ve also built quite a few ourselves. Efficient, affordable, and scalable.

solutions for collaboration

Collaboration will only succeed if all your colleagues work in the same online environment. From conference calls to cooperation in a single document: Google G Suite will take care of it.

Solutions from incentro

We’ve built many solutions that will make your work easier and more fun. Whether it’s an advanced web-search, or a handy signature app: we’re still building more intelligent and simple solutions.

to cloud solutions

cloud development

We can deliver work designed to match your plans for the cloud perfectly. We also use tools from Google to do so – or tools we built ourselves, using Google’s programs.


Google Chrome is not just a popular browser, but also a cloud-based operating system that supports all kinds of devices. We’d love to help you find the right way to implement Chrome in your business.

tailor-made development by incentro

Not all organizations will benefit from ready-made solutions. That’s why we also do a lot of development. Want to meet some of our customers?