mobile apps

always available for your customers – even in the future

The mobile app market is growing quickly. In fact, people are building more new apps than new websites. And users spend more than half their time online using applications. This means your services have to be available on mobile phones.

Many companies used to have a single app, aimed at consumers. But today, most companies realize that apps are also important for partners and employees. This means a single company often has multiple apps. Companies increasingly choose native apps over hybrid ones.

when should you build a mobile app?

Although mobile apps are popular, the most important question is whether a new app will solve your problems. Sometimes a suitable online mobile environment will match your users’ demands more closely. Many organizations are too quick in deciding to build an app. This costs a lot of money and provides a solution that is wasted on your target audience’s demands.

what kind of app do you need?

A native app uses the APIs of the Operating System (iOS, Android, Windows) and the device’s internal UI controls. The advantage is that your app will work very well within each specific OS. However, developing and maintaining a native app costs much more money and time than building a hybrid or web-based application.
If you’re not sure what kind of app matches your needs, we’ll be happy to advise you.

native app

If your project requires a high-quality and user-friendly app, native apps are often the way to go. Incentro uses Xamarin to build native mobile apps. That way, we can quickly build one application for different operating systems relatively quickly.

hybrid app

However, you don’t always need to develop a native app. You probably use hybrid or web-based apps more often than you realize. Good examples of non-native apps are Netflix (hybrid) and Moodforce (web).

the two ingredients for a successful app

You need two things to develop a native app: an intelligent cloud back end, and a well-functioning DevOps lifecycle. Get in touch with us – we’re only too happy to explain exactly what it is we do.