concept & design

determine your strategy

Companies often commission a quick app on the side. Maybe there’s a great opportunity, or a problem that needs a quick solution. Of course, this might work out well. But these applications often end up somewhere lost in the app store, covered in digital dust – but they still carry your company name and logo.

We believe that you need to stick to a mobile strategy when developing apps. You need guidelines and a vision to inform all your mobile application development. This way, apps serve a strategic purpose, rather than becoming a tool you use once and then leave to rust.


To create a concept for your apps, you need to stick to a mobile strategy. We have our own 3-step methodology for developing such a strategy. Depending on your mobile strategy, we’ll investigate what kind of concept best matches your goals and your target audience.

1. company strategy
2. digital strategy
3. mobile strategy

Read more about our 3-step methodology

UX and Design

Apps need a specific goal for users to use it regularly. That’s why it’s very important that we closely consider the application’s user-friendliness. An app needs to work “by itself” and interaction with the user has to be super simple. That’s why the first and most important step towards a successful app is always establishing user interface and visual design.

We start by mapping out the Xperience Flow. This shows us how users navigate the app. But most of all, it shows us what place the user is in, both physically and mentally. After that, it’s important to develop a prototype (this can also be a click-model) and test this with your end users. Only after fine-tuning your app based on the first experiences do you really get to work on building the app!