api management

Api management gives you insight in the use of your Apis

Many more organizations have started using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) over the past few years. Using APIs is an easy way to connect applications to services and source systems. They are the ideal way to uniformly access large quantities of data. APIs enable companies to connect to customers in a new and powerful manner. You can safely access information and use it for web applications, apps and Internet of Things systems.

insight in api usage

API management gives you insight in API usage. This information is handy for reacting to heavy traffic, or abuse, but especially for gaining new insights. What data do users access most frequently? How long does it take before a user has access to that data? Which factors cause delay?
Using these insights, we can optimize your service, consequently optimizing your users’ experience as well.

future proof – also for startups

By using Apigee Edge, you can make API management scalable and suitable for massive growth. That means you start out with low costs, and only pay more as business increases. This is great for startups who want to start their business with an architecture that is future-proof. Increasing the scale of operation is always possible when necessary.

cloud advantages

The biggest advantages of API management in the cloud are scalability and reliability. The cloud can process large amounts of requests without suffering performance. This also puts an end to high costs for hardware and hardware maintenance that would apply to local solutions.


Good documentation is essential for developers to get their bearings. Using tools like Swagger or Open API Initiative to document APIs makes developers’ lives easier. You can also open your APIs to external developers, paving the road for innovative solutions using your data. This means you can monetize external developers’ access to your data.


Safe API access to data is essential, even if users need to log in first. Apigee Edge offers support for several authentication protocols such as Oauth and SSO (Single Sign-On). Apigee also offers protection from system overload. Developers simply add caching of rate limiting on the API, improving your system’s reliability, speed, and hence the user experience.
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combining apis with data, apps, and internet of things

APIs can be a very useful way for companies to access new information, especially in combination with Big Data, apps, and IoT. This way you can be relevant in the front, and smart in the back.