Incentro believes in joining forces and sharing power. The combination AI and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is an example of such a disruptive synergy. We believe that the IT industry is about to experience a new disruptive phase. Organisations that are eager to adopt the possibilities of RPA will have early access to more competitive business models. The industry will learn costs can be further reduced while process quality can be significantly increased.

Robotization is the driving force. Robotization is the automation of repetitive processes. The technology to enable RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is far from new; estimates from McKinsey (2017) indicate that by 2030 possibly 30% of FTEs worldwide will be replaced by robotized processes.The possibilities of RPA (en with that the adoption thereof) will increase further de coming years. The breakthrough of AI is a strong driver for this growth, as RPA is one of the main benefiting areas of the rise of AI.RPA allows organisations to not just implement cost-reducing automation, but also to create a starting point from which to explore the potential benefits of AI in general.

Incentro believes in joining forces and sharing power. That is why we have partner with software vendor UIPath. Recent research of Forrester appoints UIPath as the absolute leader in the RPA domain. Or, as Forrester says: “UiPath sits in the cockpit of the RPA rocket ship”.We just always say: “A-players want to work with A-players”.

The Incentro expertise combined with the UIPath partnership guides your organisation in discovering and successfully implementing RPA-based solutions. Our methodology is aimed at grasping business benefits in an early stage, thus elevating the adoption of RPA for further expansion within your business.