MACH Alliance membership is our “passport” to create unbelievable digital experiences

The MACH acronym has to be, nowadays, the "holy grail" of any e-commerce tool or next-generation digital experience. Our partners are aware of this and that is why they joined together in 2020 to create an association that advocates these acronyms.

Any of the platforms or integrators associated with the MACH Alliance will be able to offer you a digital experience product of the highest quality, taking advantage of the most advanced technological capabilities of the moment.

A fully scalable next-generation e-commerce? A multi-language corporate website? Customization and ease of management? All of your company's objectives can be easily met with a tool endorsed by the MACH Alliance.

The alternative to monolithic and watertight technologies.

But what does MACH mean?

  • M stands for Microservices

    : We are dealing with different individual services that are developed and managed independently for easier use.

  • A stands for APIs

    : We are facing the set of definitions used to develop the software of an application.

  • C stands for Cloud

    : Being tools hosted in the cloud, the possibilities for scaling and hosting are endless.

  • H stands for Headless

    : The front-end and back-end are separate and independent, which means that when it comes to develop everything will be much simpler, being able to modify one and not the other separately.

If we put these four functionalities together in the same platform, we get a powerful tool that will delight any developer, business developer or content manager.

A partnership that defines us

And why a partnership? The MACH Alliance advocates offering quality technology with the highest class standards. In addition, it seeks to spread knowledge about the MACH philosophy as well as to promote the use of these functionalities among other platforms.

We decided that it was a great opportunity to join as our partners commercetoolsContentful, BigCommerce and Contentstack are part of it and it was in line with our philosophy.

Being part of the MACH Alliance means that we are officially certified to implement a technology of these characteristics and that is why we have more than 60 specialists trained to make developments that meet the needs of MACH.