Purpose-built, Modular, Intelligent and Simple to use Data Management Services

HYCU, Inc. provides application focused data protection and monitoring software to support multi-cloud data centers.

For the multi-cloud data center, it is all about keeping it simple. Your monitoring and data protection should be, too. HYCU, Inc., empowers IT, system, Nutanix, VMware, Azure and Google admins to take back the data center without breaking a sweat. HYCU’s application-focused solutions give you full stack visibility, to see beyond VMs into business-critical applications. It breaks through barriers so IT can quickly eliminate problems, fully and reliably recover applications and data, and deploy our products before their coffee goes cold. There’s no waiting, no learning and no hassle.

Make Business Sense

HYCU makes Application Data Migration, Disaster Recovery and Cross-Cloud Data Management as simple as 1-click.

100% Application Focus

No more partially-recovered applications. HYCU sees through VMs to discover where every application is running and make sure every migration, application staging or DR is fully application consistent and recoverable.

Protected Migration enables Stress-free Self-Service Test & Dev Instances

When you migrate your applications from one cloud to another, you need to make sure the data is application consistent, you have a backup copy ready in case your migration doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. HYCU makes this a one click operation. It can do on-demand migration or can do staged migration – all with just a click of a button.

HYCU’s self-service portal empowers application owners to create new instances of near production copies on the cloud for test/dev, reporting or for new production instances – all this with no extra education.

1-Click Application DR

When disaster hits your applications or when you want to DR to test your resiliency, you can do it with just a click of a button. HYCU makes sure the failover data is application consistent and you get to choose which time point you want to failover too.

Ensure SLO Compliance across Multi-Cloud

Even though the data is spread across multiple clouds, managing data protection and DR compliance across clouds should not be complex. HYCU makes it simple to do with a single click operational simplicity. Do it with confidence.

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