Google Cloud

With the infrastructure of Google Cloud, we help clients innovate, modernize and scale-up.

Google Cloud offers advanced possibilities to run everything on the Google Cloud Platform: substantially smarter, safer and more scalable. That’s a great fit with Incentro because we share the same goal. Google and Incentro go way back; ten years ago we started as Google’s Enterprise Search Partner. And now? Now we are familiar with the whole Google Cloud Platform. And that hasn’t gone unnoticed at Google: since 2014, we are Google Cloud Premier Partner, in 2015 we became the most innovative partner within EMEA and we can proudly name that we obtained the Machine Learning and Infrastructure Specialization. That means we are qualified to implement Google Cloud solutions in organizations, no matter the complexity.

We are a thought leader when it comes to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud solutions. Since 2019, we are the only Boutique Partner authorized to resell Anthos in the Benelux. We like to believe that this is a great achievement! Maybe you haven't discovered Anthos yet? No worries, it’s still quite new. Google created an excellent explanation/introduction about Anthos with Google's Hybrid & Multi-Cloud city.

When it comes to Google Cloud services, we can help with various challenges:

Cloud Adoption

80% of CIOs indicate that their Cloud migration didn’t deliver the desired results. Why, you’re asking? Well, they didn't use all the aspects that Cloud has to offer. Lift-and-shifting to the Cloud can certainly create "an impact", but in many cases, this only leads to a setback. You only experience the real added value of the Cloud when you embrace every aspect of it. When you do so, the Cloud serves as an enabler and accelerator for innovation. And that’s what you want, right?

To achieve this, your Cloud services should be optimized for your specific Cloud environment. In other words: you have to modernize your IT-infrastructure and establish a Cloud Native approach. Just like organizations that are born in the Cloud! Our approach helps you to modernize and improve processes, and to develop an engineering culture. The result? Solid innovation. We’ll choose the Cloud services that meet your specific needs. Read more about how we modernized Tellow’s and NPO’s infrastructure: scalability and measurability at Tellow and a cloud solution for NPO live streams.

Marketing Analytics

We create an omnichannel experience that is personal, relevant and consistent. Digital natives overtake the retail market, while they keep on growing and growing. This puts pressure on large and traditional retail organizations. To keep up, you must focus on service and customer experience through all channels. But how? Understand the behavior of your customers, both offline and online, and respond to it in real-time. Incentro creates a relevant customer experience, with a hyper-personalization engine that adjusts your content in real-time, based on the behavior of every individual customer. This results in:

  1. Personal product recommendations
  2. Relevant search results
  3. Hyper-personalized mails
  4. Smart ads
  5. Dynamic pricing

Enterprise Collaboration

The workforce has never been as diverse, dynamic and flexible as it is nowadays. Collaborations are becoming increasingly challenging because daily work is no longer carried out from a fixed workplace or device. We have to deal with different locations and different devices such as telephones, laptops, and tablets. Companies often lack the right tools to participate in the new way of working. We’ll help you digitally - and even more importantly - change culturally to a collaborative culture that fits this new way of working. We do this through the implementation of G Suite.

At Incentro we understand that change can be scary sometimes. But that's exactly what love: change. Incentro ensures a strong implementation and change-management plan that we all support. In this way, we fully involve your employees in the process; from start to finish. We promote the adoption of new tools and new methods. In other words: we are your partner in crime, from automating processes to experienced guidance in your digital transformation. See how we guided other customers through this journey: SBM Bank's migration to G Suite & innovative collaboration at Britam.

Jordy de Jong

Data Strategist


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