Processes determine your success

The success factors of a digital transformation are a hotly debated subject. For us, one thing is inevitable: processes determine the success of your business. 

Whether it’s about order- or claims management, customer offboarding, or onboarding. The efficiency of a process and the experiences for your customers and employees determine the reputation (read: success) of your organization. Therefore, we would like to rediscover and reassess your processes together with Camunda. 

One process or the whole chain

We have a statement for you:

"The integration between all my applications is a big challenge."

Agree? Read more about what we can do for you together with Camunda. (Disagree: please take a look at the other services we offer).

IT landscapes are saturated with different applications. One is based on state-of-the-art technologies, while the other proposes a real legacy solution. Camunda offers the integration between all your applications. How, you’re wondering?

According to the BPMN standards (Business Process Model and Notation), Camunda enables you to automate processes and integrate these with each application. Whether it is a full cloud-native and API-first or maybe a real legacy. We can orchestrate every human and system task in an end-to-end business process over multiple components, like:

  • Systems

  • API’s

  • Microservices 

  • RPA-bots

  • IoT

  • AI/ML-tools

You can easily start with one process and start expanding and building from there. Using this, you can transform at a rate that fits you and the organization. The outcome? No more trouble with traditional business process management systems that are heavy and inflexible. In other words: you become flexible and viable. 

Always a custom solution for your process

We start with your needs: there is always a customized solution for your processes. Whether you are active in the retail sector or dealing with a huge amount of returns.

"Incentro helps customers to drive their digital transformation and deliver amazing customer experiences across every channel. This requires a high level of automation. We are very proud to partner with Incentro and to deliver end-to-end process orchestrations."

Christiana Christenson, global vice president of partners at Camunda

Incentro & Camunda

Our partnership is built on the ambition to grow and transform the world of process automation. Together, we believe that it is possible to speed up digital transformations and to improve the experience of both the customers (Customer Experience) and employees (Employee Experience) through orchestrating and automating processes. 

We create a bridge between business and IT by designing, automating, and managing business-critical (and often complex) processes. Together with Camunda, we offer your organization the possibility to differentiate yourself from your competition, and to bind and retain satisfied customers. 

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