Nowadays we see a lot of companies struggle with their current business model. And also with the adaptation to the ever-changing demands of the consumers’ expectations and the market dynamics. As a company, you need to take several aspects into account such as:

  • Personalization

  • A frictionless customer journey

  • Real-time customer support

  • Offering multiple payment methods

The consumers’ implicit demand evolves the e-commerce landscape continuously. Setting up new business models used to be costly and successes differed. One thing is certain: change is a constant factor. So we all need to prepare for the future, whatever it brings.

BigCommerce can provide what you need to optimize your business. It offers the potential to take control over your growth in every case.From building a B2C practice to integrating into existing B2B channels or marketplaces. The opportunities are endless. BigCommerce sets the fundamentals of your new business model. Quick and agile.

"With the security, the scalability and stability offered by open SaaS, merchants are able to concentrate on the experience they're bringing to the customers."

Jim Herbert, General Manager BigCommerce EMEA

Let us optimize your business needs with the SaaS platform of BigCommerce. It offers the performance and agility you need in an open-source setup:

  • Optimize conversion and increase customer loyalty.


    Use smart search technology, personalized buying experience, and the use of machine learning to better understand the needs of your customers.

  • Secure payments that accelerate growth and an abandoned Cart Saver.


    To recover lost sales and extensive built-in discounting.

  • Integrate all channels you need for your businesses.


    Offer a unified shopping experience, online and offline, improve ad spends through campaigns across social media such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

  • Superior SEO features for an optimized navigation.


    Such as URL structures, Title Tags, redirects and URL rewrites, Canonical tagging, CDN & image optimization, and Google AMP.

  • Faceted search to boost your conversion by dynamic filtering based on attributes and turn browsing into sales.


    This is simple to implement, effortless to maintain with product filtering and drag and drop ability and results in a richer experience to give an Amazon-like experience.

  • Via omnichannel BigCommerce gives you the power to connect online and offline channels from one single location.


    So you can sell via social, through marketplaces, and integrate with modern POS providers.

  • The open feature-rich architecture offers seamless integrations.


    With a variety of integrations into the app store for logistics and shipping, marketing and conversion, ERP’s, Accounting, CRM, Tax automation, business logic, and payment gateways.

The biggest advantage of BigCommerce is the possibility to connect headless to a wide range of CMS solutions and a custom frontend or start with a standardized stencil. So the solution we can build for you with BigCommerce can start small and grow horizontally to align or incorporate multiple shops and brands. Or vertically by adding functionality with a very fast time to market using the app Store and integrations.

We build, innovate and grow your business with the help of BigCommerce. Do you want to know what our game plan is? Make sure to contact us so we can help you explore the possibilities for your future success!