Wolters Kluwer using big data for online trendwatching

together with incentro we can reliably apply big data possibilities in all our products

Wolters Kluwer is one of the largest publishers in the world. They deliver medical, legal and financial content. As more and more content is becoming available it is important publishers make sure their content matches the demands of the consumers. Exactly this aspect of publishing is one of the strengths of Kluwer and its online services, tools and software. Kluwer has the means make its customers more effective and successful.

“Together with Incentro we can reliably apply Big Data possibilities in all our products.” – Frank Vrancken Peeters, regional managing director Kluwer

relevant content

Kluwer wants to know what is going on within their target communities. If they know what is on the mind of their consumers, Kluwer knows what content to produce and deliver to best serve their customers’ needs. Digital products of Kluwer generate large streams of data. When filtered and analysed appropriatley, these data streams can provide insight into the consumers’ needs. These insights can then be applied to de development of new products and services. The question was how to filter and analyse, and if it would be possible to also include generic data from the Internet to further improve these insights.

trend analysis

To answer these questions Kluwer and Incentro engaged in an experiment. “In this specific case we went looking for possible trends in legal information needs”, says Mathijs Kreugel, director Business Intelligence at Incentro. “First, we looked for search keywords related to legal matters that are often used on the Internet. For that purpose, we used Hadoop”. Hadoop is able to collect and analyse huge amounts of data from all kinds of sources in a short timeframe. “This resulted in a list of what we called trendsetters, the most used legal search terms”, explains Kreugel. “This way it is possible to extract the value of this big data quite rapidly. At Incentro, we call this the Big Data Experience“.

enhancing products with big data

With the new insights collected through big data analysis, Kluwer developed a new app. This app matches trending keywords with existing content in the Kluwer Navigator Database, an online portal met legal information. “Together with Incentro we can reliably apply Big Data possibilities in all our products”, says Frank Vrancken Peeters, regional managing director Kluwer.

“Kluwer found a smart way of dealing with actuality. They can spot trends online and link these trends to their own publishing platforms.” -Mathijs Kreugel, director Business Intelligence Incentro & soccer coach

experiment succesful

The experiment demonstrated that relevant information can be filtered from massive data streams and could be used for the development of new products and services.