Omnichannel innovation at Coop


Our impact

With around 300 Dutch branches and an excellent online shop that has seen increasing sales since day one, Coop had their omnichannel experience in pretty good shape. But success gave them a taste for more, so the supermarket chain wanted to take a step further to bring the range even closer with an app. From Coop to the kitchen. 

Close by, tasty and affordable: that is what Coop stands for. The supermarket chain with more than 300 shops throughout the Netherlands. And an online shop, which has seen increasing sales from day one. Online success gave them a taste for more: Coop now wants to bring its range even closer with an app. From Coop to the kitchen.


The right ingredients for innovation

Coop wanted to launch a shopping app that can do everything you would expect. Such as searching for product, saving shopping lists, adding products to a shopping basket and checking out. Very convenient, in effect just like an online shop in the form of an app. There was more that could be done!

What is the biggest advantage of a smartphone? You always have it with you. Including in the kitchen, where you spend your time hunting around for all the ingredients you need. That’s why we came up with a little piece of ingenuity which you can use to easily keep up to date with your stock of groceries.


” We built a smart product scanner based on Google Cloud’s image recognition software. Not the familiar barcode bleeper, but a scanner that can recognise vegetables, fruit, product packaging and everything else from the supermarket shelves. Big deal? You could say that! Because just before you whisk your last egg, take a picture of it with the app and a new box will appear on your shopping list. This way you can do your shopping while you cook.’ – Bryan Vink, Digital Designer


The process

A distinctive

product scanner

in three weeks

Coop loves to keep moving forward. So do we, that’s why it works well. We started to develop the Coop app while we were implementing e-commerce software for a next level online shop. It was full throttle to get an MVP live in record time.

In the meantime, we were also experimenting with the image recognition software. After a successful demo presentation, Coop made an immediate decision: we want this! So, in three weeks we developed the innovative product scanner into a fully operational system.


The solution

No more things missing in your

pantry or refrigerator


Click, I’ve got you

Shop while you prepare your dinner. During cooking or tidying up for example.

Create shopping lists automatically

Forget the old-fashioned hassle of writing a note and no more browsing through products online.

An app that gets smarter and smarter

The more often you use it, the faster you’ll be finished. Because the Coop app gets to know your tastes.

The Features

  • The website and app communicate with each other. So you see your current order history on every device.
  • Do you not feel like browsing around the online shop? Then take a photo of the product you want to order, and the app will automatically find it for you.
  • Need inspiration for dinner? Coop has 5,000 recipes for you. With just one click, you can add all the ingredients to your shopping basket.


The result

A new winner in

Coop’s omnichannel offering

Within a year, more than 30,000 Coop customers downloaded the app. Every month there are 1,500 more downloads, and customers place more than a thousand orders per month.


Our partners

  • Google Cloud

Image recognition technology and machine learning

  • Intershop

E-commerce software behind the online shop

  • Syndy

Product data supplier

  • Sellvation

CRM supplier

  • Storegear

Software for picking and delivery management

  • Culios

Search engine and recipe content


“At Incentro it’s not: write some code and done. We work closely with Incentro to look at our customer journey, and they suggest their own initiatives for improvements. We really appreciate that, because it can be hard to see everything ourselves. The product scanner is a good example of this: it was already in our backlog, but Incentro came up with the idea to build in the image recognition software (Google Vision API).”
– Jop van Sommeren, e-commerce manager at Coop


What we did

App development, project management, video design, branding, product design and web design.

Service line(s)

Digital experience, digital commerce




2018 (app)


+25% more online purchases.

Awards & nominations

  • Webby Awards: 2017 Site of the Year
  • Mobile Best Practices