infinitas and incentro working towards the future of publishing

incentro develops and manages the solutions infinitas uses in its primary publishing processes

Infinitas Learning is a group of educational publishers with operations in 7 countries. All operating companies aim at delivering high quality educational content and services. Having all content managed in an efficient and effective way, can be a challenge for large publishers such as Infinitas Learning.

 “I know that Incentro will always support me with young, enthusiast consultants with possibly the best ECM knowledge available.” – Jos Wilschut, Chief Technology Officer Infinitas LEarning and musician.


Infinitas Learning and Incentro have a long standing relationship. Incentro develops and manages the solutions Infinitas uses in its primary publishing processes. These solutions are based on the software of Incentro partners such as Google, EMC Documentum, Alfresco and SDL. Jos Wilschut, Chief Technology Officer at Infinitas Learning explains: “Our partnership with Incentro is working very well, because Incentro is more than just a traditional supplier. Incentro goes beyond delivering implementations and consultancy”.

Paul Baan of Incentro knows what Wilschut means. “We try to deliver added value to every customer we work for. We implement process improvements, develop new solutions and work towards business objectives. Wherever possible, we do so based on the possibilities of the existing IT landscape”.

working towards business objectives

Baan explains that the manu years of partnering have resulted in a strong feeling of trust. “That is one of the reasons why we are capable of focusing on the business objectives of Infinitas Learning and translate those into sound IT solutions. We offer a wide range of services to Infinitas Learning and can really make a difference as a trusted advisor. “

Wilschut adds: “I know that Incentro stands by me with young and enthusiastic consultants with possible the best ECM knowledge out there”.