improving conversion for TomTom with 2.5%

user-friendliness was one of the key requirmenets for the new search solution

TomTom is a market leader in navigational appliances, varying from the well known car navigation devices to GPS sport watches en integrated solutions for companies and goverments. serves as the starting point for all information on this great variety of products. Of course, a user friendly way of presenting relevant information has great impact on the service levels and thus conversion of the website. Because of the great diversity in content and data on the website, TomTom was faced with a challenge.

That’s why they asked Incentro to deliver a tailor-made solution for searching the TomTom website.

“The conversion at users of the Site Wide Search is remarkably higher than that of visitors not using this functionality” – Raoul Manten, Online Shop Manager TomTom

focus on user-friendliness

User-friendliness was one of the key requirmenets for the new search solution. Therefore the needs of customers of TomTom were analysed, as well as those of the organisation itself. This lead to some clear wishes that resulted in the selection of the Google Search Appliance for the Site Wide search. Using the Site Wide Search, visitors can search through all kinds of data in the website. This makes the website not only more user-friendly, it also enables higher conversion rates and thus an increase of online revenue.”

a solid foundation

After a solid foundation had been developed, TomTom and Incentro started looking at expanding the solution to make it even more powerful. “To further improve conversion, we added more features”, says Helmer Baas, managing consultant at Incentro. “For instance Auto Complete, Dynamic Navigation and the Google Search Appliance Self Learning Scorer. Also, we show relevant images and videos from the TomTom Youtube channel on the results page.”

“We are very proud of the end result. The teaming of TomTom and Incentro has deliverd a very complete search solution, that is even used by Google itself to demonstrate the power of Site Wide Search!” – Helmer Baas, managing consultant Incentro & skier