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VU University Medical Center is one of the most important and leading hospitals in the Netherlands. In addition to distinctive patient healthcare, VUmc stants for excellent academic education and innovative research. VUmc wants to distinguish itself by an outstanding reputation, a powerful network and enjoy what they do.

the search solution from incentro

Because of its size and scientific purposes, VUmc has an immense wealth of documents and information. One of the sources of the information is contained in the software suite iProva Info Country. This resource contains multiple protocols and manuals that are essential for doctors and nurses in the care unit and in the operating room. Being able to find the right information, at the right time, would be vital.

To make this information more profitable, VUmc has chosen to make the information searchable with a search function. Besides, the aim is also to maximize the potential of the internal service for both their customers and employees. The Google Search Appliance indexes content from this source automatically and has relevance to a query from the content itself. This ensures that the quality of the result is high, with a a low impact on the internal organization, with a high degree of employee satisfaction as a result.

joint project mission

The Google Search Appliance is part of the internal information services from VUmc. The search solution is an important access point for employees of VU University Medical Center to all the information that has to do with delivering outstanding healthcare. To optimize the information, we chose to offer more than just a search functionality. Fast and low-threshold access to relevant information is very important. To realise this, not only the functionalities offered by GSA are optimized, we also made a big improvement in content quality. This has led to a strong high-quality and user-friendly search functionality which can be offered to the customer. All this with the familiar “Google” search method such as those we are accustomed from

We do our job well and we’d like to be able to read how it should. With this solution, we can quickly search and find anywhere information. This helps us enormously to be able to do our work. – Sjoerd Greuters, anesthesiologist and trauma heli-doctor


Incentro made an analysis of the present information library. Based on this information, it was decided to request the content directly from iProva through a connector. A connector is a Java application that retrieves content from a source and makes available to the GSA, which will then index the content. In this way, indexing all the content from the source by the GSA and made available through the search functionality on the intranet of the VU University Medical Center to users. We have chosen a simple and uncluttered layout of the solution because ease of use is very important.

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The result of using the Google Search Appliance is a search function that allows the user to get medical informaton quickly in a user friendly way. All this in the familiar surroundings of the VU University Medical Center Intranet. GSA ensures that the user will get a relevant search output within the first five search results. This has led to (1) greater employee satisfaction and (2) information which is available anytime to the staff, so the patients can be treated in the best and fastest possible way.

This search solution makes all protocols and manuals within VUmc findable. Employees can find information quickly, so they can do their job well. – Onno Wassenaar, Search Consultant Incentro

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