Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - Low-code software platform provider Thinkwise and digital change company Incentro are officially connected by a partnership. Via Thinkwise, Incentro can ensure that its customers stop with the constant adaptation of the core systems and instead get their own unique business process.

Both Thinkwise and Incentro share the same vision when it comes to how they approach the market. Both organizations do not fear change and welcome modernization and digital transformation. This common vision is the basis of .

Thinkwise stands for the modernization and realization of extensive and business-critical software, such as ERP systems. Thinkwise believes in smart software realization and modeling and less programming. With the Thinkwise low-code platform, legacy software is a thing of the past. With nineteen years of experience in replacing core business software, Thinkwise can and dares to implement radical transitions at companies.

As a digital change company, Incentro strives to help organizations take a digital next step. The ultimate goal is to create digital transformations. Digital solutions are created in collaboration with partners, which should lead to those digital transformations.

“We are very happy with Incentro as a partner. With their services they do not go for the well-known way with well-known market leaders, but show courage by working with innovative and unique companies. That suits us perfectly.”

Victor Klaren, Chief Visionary Officer at Thinkwise

“It's great to see that in addition to a substantive match, there is such enormous energy in this partnership. Culturally matching organizations that aim for real impact with customers.”

Krein-Jan Hilbers, Managing Director Digital Transformation at Incentro