we carefully choose the areas in which we aim to excel

We believe in specialisation, and carefully choose the areas in which we aim to excel. This is how we create specialists who have mastered a specific field. When we put a team of specialists together, the outcome is invariably spectacular: multidisciplinary teams that can turn any project into a success by combining their areas of expertise.


In an organisation where ambition and happiness are key values, inspiration is basic need. Instead of a Supervisory Board (that controls), we therefore have a Board of Inspiration (that inspires). Our messmates at the dining table of the Board of Inspiration join in our thinking about the further deployment of happiness in our core values and how to effectively achieve them.

members board of inspiration

toon gerbrands

As inventor of the Board of Inspiration Toon has been a frequent member. He is a original thinker with a strong vision on how to lead. The collective understanding of objectives and the practical effects of implementing real trust have been his key messages.


Typhoon (Glenn de Randamie) is a Dutch hiphop artist/poet that has been declared the Big Bringer of Happiness within Incentro, thanks to his openness and positivity. He has performed at Incentrolands Festival and has a sharp eye for the human aspect from many different angles.

rob koppen

Former CFO of Capgemini the Netherlands Rob Koppen is a very experienced man in the consultancy world. Nowadays he is available for strategic business coaching. Rob has a direct way of expressing is viewpoints, based on strong analytical capabilities and the power to keep things simple.

leopold loop

Leopold is an experienced manager with an international career of over 25 years. Besides partner at KPMG Advisory Leopold has a long track record within CMG (now CGI). Leopold has given us access to his experience; and challenges our thinking, which is invaluable to us.


Innovation is vital to the future of any organisation. We have established Incentro Labs in order to inspire people and boost innovation; this enables our people to pitch ideas in our organisation as part of a team. Teams take a vote to decide which of the ideas submitted gets to be developed at our branch office in Spain or Turkey. And the results have paid off, as several of our clients have purchased ideas generated by Incentro Labs.