we are a Great Place to Work

We believe that happiness plays a very important part in people’s professional lives; that if you enjoy your work and are good at what you do, your job contributes to your personal happiness.

Of course, it’s also our ‘extracurricular’ activities that make us happy, which is why we make a point of scheduling fun and relaxing activities outside work. Regular company parties, employee skiing trips and visits to our Spanish branch office are just a few examples of the activities and events we organise.

happiness factor

There are only two areas in our organisation which we monitor on an ongoing basis: employee satisfaction and client satisfaction. We believe that once these two areas are solid, everything else will follow.

The happiness of our people is our top priority, based on our awareness that satisfied employees deliver greater quality and get more enjoyment out of their jobs, which customers will inevitably notice. We therefore measure our employees’ ‘happiness factor’ on a regular basis and intervene if necessary.

Great Place to Work

We were recently voted a “Great Place to Work” in the Netherlands, which shows the appreciation for our company culture and processes. It means our people have indicated that they regard Incentro as a first-rate employer, and that the voters in the Great Place to Work survey regard our company as an organisation where trust, proud and enjoyment are front and centre.

“My goal is for Incentro to be a completely modern employer, where talented people have the opportunity to excel. We achieve this in a variety of ways, including by giving each other the freedom we need to grow, so that everyone gets a chance to develop their full potential. Being voted a “Great Place to Work” shows us that we’re on the right track, and I’m very proud of that.” – Mathijs Kreugel, Director of Incentro BI and youth football coach

We measure our client satisfaction on a quarterly basis using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which tells us exactly whether our clients are satisfied and what we might do to make them even happier. Our goal for the future is to appoint all our clients as Incentro ambassadors.