digital happiness and the incentronaut

We are proud of our organisation’s very distinctive corporate culture, which gives our company its character and connects the people who work there. This culture does not only play a role within the company, but clients also recognise that the culture reinforces us and helps us to achieve results.


We monitor and protect our corporate culture in a number of ways, including through our non-hierarchical organizational model, which provides freedom, trust and room for maximum personal development. In addition, our three core values – happiness, ambition and specialisation – also play a key role. We assess everything we do against these three values.


In an organisation where ambition and happiness are key values, inspiration is basic need. Instead of a Supervisory Board (that controls), we therefore have a Board of Inspiration (that inspires). Our messmates at the dining table of the Board of Inspiration join in our thinking about the further deployment of happiness in our core values and how to effectively achieve them


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Innovation is vital to the future of any organization. We have established Incentro Labs in order to inspire people and boost innovation; this enables our people to pitch ideas in our organization as part of a team. Teams take a vote to decide which of the ideas submitted gets to be developed at our branch office in Spain or Turkey. And the results have paid off, as several of our clients have purchased ideas generated by Incentro Labs.

corporate social responsibility

We believe that corporate social responsible has to be a part of your daily business. Besides this, it has to be profitable in order to be sustainable. We incorporate our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through social software solutions and by creating jobs for people who have less opportunities in life.

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