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By Rogier Duin | January 7, 2019
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Skateboarding is an individual sport. Which of course does not mean that you are on your own. In preparation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Incentro sponsors four skateboarders on an individual level in addition to the Skateboard Federation Netherlands (SFN).

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To rejuvenate the Games, the International Olympic Committee has added skateboarding to the program. The Dutch Skateboard Federation has since officially joined the NOC * NSF. This membership is a step in the right direction towards medal opportunities: training facilities for selection will be approached increasingly professionally, such as the National training center in The Hague.

the four athletes

Rob Maatman is Dutch Champion Street 2017. Douwe Macaré has won numerous prizes in recent years. Dutch Champion Ladies Street 2017 Candy Jacobs is second in the world ranking. And also skateboarder and hockey player Roos Zwetsloot is sponsored by Incentro.

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Normally as a sponsor you automatically get access to the national team, for example for photo shoots or events. Skateboarding is an individual sport. So that works differently. The national selection is not directly linked to the SFN, so we decided to sponsor a number of athletes ourselves at Incentro. We have made a selection together with the federation. The seven drivers with whom we have now joined forces, can well represent the obstinacy of our brand, without losing their own identity. We think that is important.

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The athletes - five men, two women - are part of the national selection. That means that they are already showing their tricks all over the world. They are all strong street skateboarders - street and park are the two Olympic disciplines. The qualification requirements for the Games are not yet known. But the chance is that a few of these riders will travel to Tokyo in 2020.

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The skateboarders do not want their culture to be lost, now that they suddenly have a large sponsor. That's why we discuss every new plan with them - if it doesn't feel legitimate, they don't do it. We respect that. We recently held a first photo shoot at our office in Utrecht. We can tell you: skateboarding is possible everywhere, even with us on our shop floor!

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