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By Ricardo Caeiro | September 12, 2019
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Our impact

From start-up to scale-up

Tellow makes bookkeeping easier for freelancers. From scanning receipts to automatically setting up VAT returns. Of course, such an attractive product naturally attracts more users. You need to anticipate that. That’s when it’s time to innovate with smart solution.

The challenge

‘10k users have entered the chat’

Growth, that’s every company’s dream. But in order to grow, you need the right resources. Tellow came to us with a question: ‘How can we create a more scalable product and organization?”.

The goal: the app must be able to handle 10,000 new customers. To achieve this, you not only need to scale up your servers, but also your customer service, user experience and insights into user data. Additionally, it has to be a well-organized process with a short time-to-market. Sure, let’s do it!

“Incentro’s broad expertise enables us to grow faster, with a future-oriented vision. Incentro’s employees are all great people. Highly skilled and proactive.” Dick de Leeuw, Tellow

The process

Party at the office

Knock, knock! Incentro moved into the Tellow office with a team of driven experts. This meant everyone was up to date with the latest developments, connections were easily made and the communication went very smoothly. And it was also a really fun time at the office. Great stuff!

The solution

Migrate to profit

From registration to long-term use: Tellow can handle all new users. The migration to a modern and scalable environment was at the centre of this innovative project. With Kubernetes and Firebase, the app can handle the increasing number of users. And the onboarding process has been simplified so that the first contact can run with no dropouts.

24/7 customer service A conversational AI chatbot answers questions quickly.

Better connections to the banks Self-employed workers can quickly organize their financial affairs.

Collecting client data Ability to see exactly which functionalities are often used and which aren’t.

The results

Don’t stop at the peak

The Kubernetes clusters are running, and we’re live! We are happy to say that Tellow is delighted too. ‘Kubernetes has already proven to be very useful, by being able to scale up at peak moments within a few minutes’, said Dick de Leeuw. ‘We no longer need to worry about having enough capacity.’

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