pentahoworld leads to iot innovations at incentro


As partner of open-source development platform Pentaho, this year we were again invited to PentahoWorld: an event that centres on the latest trends and developments in business intelligence surrounding Pentaho and Hitachi. Our biggest takeaway: 2018 will be the year in which the future of big data and analytics really takes shape. Concrete business solutions in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT) and data streaming will lead to the transformation of organisations at all levels. It sounds good, but what does it mean in practice?

the world of pentaho

Pentaho is a unified data integration and analytics platform. It comprises a large number of open-source tools in order to improve business intelligence. Incentro has been Pentaho’s official partner since 2009, and we deploy their software platform for clients across the globe. To stay up-to-date with the latest developments, and to discover the new opportunities that software release Pentaho 8.0 offers our clients, a group of us flew to Orlando at the end of October. Since 2014, the software brand has been organising PentahoWorld here: a conference in which experts, end-users and thought leaders come together to encourage the transformation and growth of the platform – through sharing best practices, user case studies and innovations.

a platform for innovation

Pentaho is a platform that grows through the new applications that partners and their clients build based on Pentaho software. Incentro also contributes to this: for example, we write plug-ins, play an active role in the community, and share our knowledge at PentahoWorld. Our colleagues from Safehub presented their platform for security services to several hundred partners, experts and clients. With Pentaho’s help, they’re able to analyse – per safety region in the Netherlands – what the chances are of a fire breaking out, or how long it takes for the security services to get to the scene, for example. The concept also sparked international interest – the Safehub team made important contacts for possible expansion into Northern Europe.

getting to work with the new tooling

A weekend at PentahoWorld always leads to new insights and ideas. When we came back from the US, we knew it for sure: we were going to work on real-time applications. No sooner said than done. Within one month, we’d already built the foundation of our own real-time streaming platform using the tooling from Pentaho 8.0.

Right now, we’re focusing on real-time, big data and the IoT, but we’re also keeping an eye on the future. That’s why we’ve built and developed our data streaming platform in modules, using well-established tools like Hadoop and Spark. Based on the data we’re collecting now, we can apply machine learning at a later stage, for instance.

a strong business plan – asap

Incentro’s independent real-time streaming platform contains a large number of cloud applications, which we can link to the online environment of each supplier. Currently, we’re testing how the platform works in practice, and working towards a business plan that includes several concrete business cases. We expect to present the first practical case before the end of this year, so that we can continue to develop the platform as quickly as possible in 2018. It promises to be an exciting year – and we’re looking forward to it!

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