Incentro opens office in Kenya: the kickoff of the development of fair trade software

IT-company Incentro, opens the doors of her first office in Africa today on March the first. The takeout on things is special: the company will aim for the delivery of fair trade software solutions in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Their mission? To positively impact the lives of 10.000 African lives before year 2020.

Create impact in Kenya

Over 5.000 IT students in Kenya get their degree a year. However, the country is ranked top 5 countries with the highest unemployment rates in the world. Especially, young, fresh-out-of-college developers, find it hard to find employment. And, with an average age of 20 within the country, the chances of finding work are that much harder. Well educated developers hardly get any chance of putting their knowledge into work. Time for us to make a difference.

Fair trade software

Incentro wants to create impact through fairness: equal pay and equal treatment. By creating software in co-creation with developers and clients in the Netherlands, Incentro is able to define this work Fair Trade Software. How? By creating innovative online solutions and apps that will develop the world.

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