In the world of technology everything moves very fast and it is likely that you haven’ yet heard of the MACH Alliance. In fact, at Incentro until recently we did not know about the MACH movement. But it turns out that we were already practicing it in most of our projects. And what does it consist of?

MACH stands for Microservices, APIs, Cloud Native and Headless. Currently many software tools are based on those four pillars, such as our partners and .

The MACH Alliance presents and advocates for an open and quality technological business ecosystem. Their technology is: Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud Native SaaS and Headless. Enterprise suites are no longer "the safest option". A MACH ecosystem is: Agile and always up-to-date.

And what does the consist of beyond the use of these technologies? According to its manifesto, every company part of the MACH Alliance will ensure that the best-of-breed is clear, visible and ubiquitous, by:

  • Sharing technical knowledge about MACH, and why and when it is better than what a Software Suite can offer.

  • Creating best practices that help organizations transition to a MACH architecture, as well as their products and services, leveraging existing success stories and building relationships between organizations that plan to transition with those that have already made the transition.

  • Developing a list and explaining the selection criteria for companies, e.g., what to ask for when soliciting best-of-breed vendors and what criteria to use during the selection process. This information will be provided in the form of whitepapers, events, articles and more.

  • Publishing technical documentation, such as architectural drawings and other technical content, explaining how to integrate MACH technologies.

  • Developing and hosting MACH Alliance events and serving as a collective resource at key events to demonstrate and educate the industry on the benefits of adopting an open architecture, cloud native, API first and headless technology ecosystem.

As we have already seen, MACH technology is based on four pillars or characteristics.


The microservices architecture is based on a way of programming in which we divide into small fragments or elements completely independent of each other. This is revolutionary since the traditional monolithic way of programming made everything in one piece united. By using microservices we will be able to work in greater detail on each element, but in a simpler way so that it is much easier to integrate them into any type of application. This is directly associated with the optimization of tools to adapt them to the cloud.


API stands for Application Programming Interfaces. Basically, they are protocols through which we will develop and integrate the software of different applications so that they can communicate with each other and interact through certain rules. In this way we will be able to achieve that, when interacting two APIs, they fulfill one or several functionalities.

Cloud Native

We have already written a lot of content about the cloud. When we talk about cloud computing we mean that all the information of our organization, as well as software and other tools that we use, are hosted on the Internet, in the cloud, instead of locally. This brings multiple benefits for any company as we saw in previous posts.


We have also written several content about headless technology. But what exactly does headless mean in this context? When we talk about headless software, we are talking about a tool that has a separate and totally independent front-end and back-end. Which means that we can work with them autonomously and it will be faster and more efficient for both programmers and editors.

The MACH Alliance is made up of a group of technology software and implementation companies, a total of 23 companies, including our partners , , and Contentstack. On the other hand, there are big names in the technology ecosystem such as Valtech or Amplience.

In short, as we have already pointed out in previous posts, having a software that has some of the MACH features is a safe bet but, if it already has the four features, you will have an unbeatable state-of-the-art tool.