'You’re dreaming about digital change. Your head is already in the Cloud.' This year, we are at the Google Cloud Summit. We challenge you to take the first step towards digital transformation together.

You want to make impact. For example by getting more out of your data, collaboration in all new ways and by being available to your customer anywhere, anytime. To stay ahead of the competition, you can’t stay behind. Incentro knows how Google Cloud services can help you change your organization. Not for a bit of a refresh, but to truly do things differently – for a change. Come meet us at the Google Cloud Summit.

October 10th, Incentro is at the Google Cloud Summit 2019. You can just drop by or make your visit count. Besides visiting the Incentro stand, you can visit the speaking session of our cloud strategist Dave de Kort. He will share his critical thoughts about the future of Cloud and IT-infrastructure. And if you have an urgent question or unresolved problem (related to IT) that you want to challenge us with? Bring it on!

We like to be challenged. You've been facing an IT-related problem for a while now. But you are not sure where to start. Visit us and we will help you pick the right Google Cloud service to solve your problems. So does your question involve one of these specialisations: Cloud Adoption, Conversational AI, Enterprise Collaboration, Machine Learning or Marketing Analytics? and dare us to find the best solution.

IT in the DNA of your organization. During the Google Cloud Summit, Dave de Kort - Cloud Transformation Strategist at Incentro - shares his thoughts about the future of the Cloud. Dave strongly believes that computing has to be in the DNA of your organization. In the future, IT-infrastructure has to become a commodity. Dave states: “As long as technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet, we are not where we need to be. Technology will become really powerful, when it becomes invisible.

Expectation and demand patterns change frequently. With the rise of ‘smart’ startups, you cannot afford to stay behind. It is crucial to keep up, because everything needs to be available at all times. Of course there is business value in migrating to Cloud computing but the true value lies in embracing every aspect. To truly accelerate your rate of innovation and shorten the feedback loop, all the benefits of Cloud should be utilised. This requires more than just a change in technology. It’s a change in culture. Embrace change, but be smart about it.

*Visit the speaking session 'Embrace change, but be smart about it' by Dave de Kort during the Google Cloud Summit 2019, to learn more. The session will be at 14:55h.

  • Experts: Incentro knows how to truly do things differently – for a change.

  • Speaking session: Dave de Kort shares his critical thoughts on the future of the Cloud.

  • Starting point: Together we come up with the first step towards digital change.

  • Advice: We talk you through the possibilities and about how they place you ahead of your competition.

  • Winning! And of course, we want to challenge you as well! By sharing your case, you automatically run for the mainprize: a Dreamdeck* with our experts!

In the follow-up of the Google Cloud Summit, we are giving away a ! No clue what a Dreamdeck is? That makes sense... Because we invented it ourselves. A Dreamdeck is a brainstorm with a team of Incentro’s experts. You dream. We set the direction to digital transformation. A Dreamdeck starts with an analysis of your situation, followed by a possible solution and plan to move your organization forward. And afterwards? You decide whether we can make this reality.

How do I win?
By registering for a time slot and sharing your digital challenges with us. The most outstanding case wins a free Dreamdeck!

Will you visit us at the Incentro stand? More information about the Google Cloud Summit and the registration can be found on [the Google Cloud Summit 2019 website]( -Q4-emea-summit-physicalevent-er-partner_gc_amsterdam_Incentro "Google Cloud Summit official website"). Do you need our help with your business case? Make sure you claim a time slot via .

Do you want to add even more value to your day? and get the opportunity to connect with Google Cloud leaders and other executives. You can visit multiple learning and networking sessions throughout the day. You will get new insights how to empower your teams and advance your organization.