sustainable outsourcing and a fair chance for African developers

Are you dreaming of the perfect IT nearshoring/offshoring (or outsourcing)? Where your developers are in the same timezone and are native English speakers? Where you don’t have to deal with yes-men, but with ambitious, critical thinkers who understand the Dutch way of working? You don’t want child labor, bad labor conditions, or terrible quality. Are you looking for scalable, flexible and affordable IT development? Search no longer, we can make your dreams come true!

Kenya: outsourcing solution

Incentro has found the perfect solution: Kenya! The Kenyan population is growing rapidly, and an increasingly large percentage of the population is highly educated. However, employment opportunities are lagging behind: of the 800,000 Kenyans who graduate every year, only 6.25% find a job within the first year. Kenya has the perfect potential to become the ideal nearshoring solution: an average age of 19,5 years, only 1 hour time difference from Holland, English as the native language, and an ambitious growing economy.

DevOps teams Teams that cooperate as a flexible extra team within your IT department
Developers Java, Angular, Ionic, Android & Google Cloud developers
Complete projects (web)app development and custom-built software

Fair-trade Software

Incentro Fair-Trade Solutions is realizing this dream by connecting Kenyan developers to clients looking for IT solutions. And it’s 100% fair-trade.

The advantages are limitless

Stable team on the long term | Flexible and scalable working powerful | Native English developers | Ambitions developers with a can-do attitude | In the same timezone | Quality guaranteed | Competitive prices | 100% fair-trade. Everything done fair and square – for you, and for our team as well.