fair trade software

including people through creating fair jobs

A lot of NGO’s and charities are focused on food, health and educational solutions when it comes to the first of the three P’s (people, planet, profit/prosperity). We are trying to concentrate on the next steps in a life of the human being. By giving people a fair job and include them in society.

More about our custom solutions

what does it make fair trade?

What is Fair in Fair Trade Software? We can call our software Fair Trade when we create a honest working environment. An open and honest culture where everybody is treated equally. Next to this a Fair wage for the work that the developers are doing is mandatory. Second, the knowledge that we are transferring from the Netherlands to Kenyan developers. By creating teams existing from Kenyan and Dutch developers, we can give them the possibility to learn on the job.

fair trade work

An important part is creating fair jobs. We will be doing this by helping developers get a job and also transferring knowledge from Western countries to developers in developing countries in Africa.

This is what a Fair Trade job is all about:

  • Getting a fair wage for your work;
  • Getting access to knowledge;
  • Treat everybody the same.

This is the way we are going to realise this. Creating software solutions in a 100% fair way: Fair Trade Software.


We use Dutch consultants for the communication with our customers in the Netherlands. Dutch architects and Dutch management. We will profit from the lack of time difference between the two countries as well. We can communicate whenever we want.

nice, but what do I notice as a client?

With IT outsourcing almost nothing, the quality is the what you are used to, the communication is alike, you will be the proud owner of Fair Trade software and you will contribute to a better world. That’s the difference! And as a bonus: our solution is scalable. With many good developers in Africa, we are more scalable than in the Netherlands.