custom software solutions

apps and big data as impact accelerator

To create innovation we use a platform which has an all-inclusive solution, is scalable and cost effective. Complex and heavy work will be done in the Cloud which makes it easy to use, even for low-end phones. We do like to create solutions that can be stand-alone and we aren’t dependant on legacy architecture. Skipping all the complexity we encountered in the Netherlands and using an easy -to- use and mature solution.

Google Cloud

This is why we use Google Cloud solutions to create new innovative web and app solutions. With Google Big Query and marketing learning possibilities, which are available in the platform, we can create solutions that are future proof and self-learning. These tools are needed for the impact software we will be creating for our customers.”

custom fair trade software

Fair Trade Software distincts itself by transferring knowledge from developers in knowledge rich countries to countries where knowledge is less developed. A collaboration between one office divided in two countries makes it possible to do work as one team and co-create. By working hand-in-hand on software, we can educate our Kenyan developers while developing software solutions for you.

working together

Because we have an office in Nairobi as well as in the Netherlands, we can offer Fair Trade Software while our customers don’t have to deal with communication issues. You can discuss your product development in person with team members at your location in your own language.

fair trade languages

We use Java and Python to create Fair Trade Software; languages that have a great scarcity in the Dutch market. We create new, fair trade, possibilities for people in developing countries as for companies looking for developers with a certain skillset. We can even deliver teams with a certain specialism, very scalable and all fair trade.