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Working together in an organization in a straightforward, clear, but above all efficient way is not always easy. Employees often face challenges: files are located on different computers, hard drives, and cloud environments. This not only makes collaboration more difficult, but it also limits employee flexibility. Work becomes inefficient, and working remotely is almost impossible.

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creating impact by software solutions

Our mission is to help people who need it the most with the thing we love most: building sustainable software. We are realising this in two ways: by building impact software and by creating jobs fair trade-style.

we build social impact

Software that matters, software that makes a difference. By using software as an accelerator to contribute to the UN sustainability goals 2030. We call this impact software: software that can make a positive change in the lives of people, in a sustainable way.

we create fair jobs

Besides good health and education, people need to be included in the society; they need a job. We give young bright minds this opportunity by using the shortage of software developers in Europe to help them getting fair jobs.

103 lives impacted
1 social software solutions
23 jobs created

social impact software

Using new technological possibilities to make the impossible possible. Simple and usable products that suit the local market and help people to become self-sustainable.

Our partners bring their industry knowledge, we bring our IT creativity. Creating impact together for a better world. We measure our success with the UN sustainable goals 2030.

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fair trade software

Giving bright young developers with less chances in life a fair and educational job. This is our mission. They will be working together in one team, with one shared goal where collaboration is key.

Together with developers in the Netherlands we will be creating Fair Trade Software. Software where knowledge is shared and fair jobs are created.

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incentro kenya
incentro kenya


jobs are limited in Africa

Everyone is searching for an inclusive life: a life in which they can participate and contribute to society through work. When we look at developing countries between now and 10 years, we see that access to jobs is limited. Because of the baby boom Africa is experiencing at the moment, and healthcare which is getting better, the biggest problem is shifting to getting enough possible ways to be included in the emerging economical market today and tomorrow. This is why we are investing in knowledge and creating jobs in Africa.

kenya as startingpoint

This is why we are investing in knowledge and creating jobs in Africa. With unemployment rates being one of the largest in the world, Kenya is our starting point. The technical infrastructure makes Kenya the ideal place to start, good internet connection, good reachability, good universities and a lot of ambitieus people. In Kenya lots of young ambitious and intelligent well schooled developers can’t find a job. While in the Netherlands there is a big shortage of good development capacity. Combining these two facts, we can help both worlds. Important aspect is to create fair jobs, with fair wages, access to knowledge and everybody is treated equally.