Google G Suite introduces Team Drive

Google Drive is currently part of G Suite. With Google Drive it is possible to share files easily. It focuses on individual users in a team, meaning files are uploaded in personal folders and can be shared with colleagues and other users if desired. If a colleague leaves your company or your team, their Google Drive account will be deleted as well. This can result in unwanted loss of important company information. Google Team Drive will solve this.


Working closely together with clients and partners, Google noticed an increasing need for a structure where a team is the owner of the files in Google Drive, not an individual owner. This is the reason Google introduces Team Drive. Everything that is uploaded or created in Team Drive will be owned by the team. This means that, if a user is added to a team, all the files will be instantly accessible. Moreover, when a user leaves the team or a company, no files will be lost or deleted.

Besides, Team Drive has a variety of roles and rights users can be assigned to. For example, a user can only have ‘edit access’, meaning he or she cannot delete or move any files, the so called ‘destructive actions’. However, users with this role are able to create and add files, also known as ‘happy actions’. This ensures no files will be lost unnecessary. Finally, Team Drive’s design and user interaction makes it clear in a natural and organic way which files can be shared by whom.

Want to know more about Google Team Drive and how it compares to Google Drive? Please download our infographic with the button below.

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