Incentro in hands of even more incentronauts

The shares of Incentro are in great demand by the employees. The ICT-service provider welcomes 22 new shareholders. Through this, almost one third of the employees in the Netherlands, Spain, and Turkey are co-owners of the company. Last year, 15 employees joined the participation program. Therefore, the enthusiasm has not only remained undiminished, it has even increased by 50 percent.

Since 2013, the employees, referred to as Incentronauts, are able to buy Incentro shares. The participation program is one of the initiatives that Incentro has developed to increase involvement, entrepreneurship, and employee participation. Both in this context and from a financial perspective, participation has proven to be interesting. In less than three years the stock price has doubled. In addition, the shareholders participate in the decision making regarding the payable dividend.

Floris informs and represents the shareholders and says the following about this:

“It is fantastic to experience that the popularity of the participation program is continuing to increase. When I explain what the participation program entails, the enthusiasm among the Incentronauts really never fails. They want to be as close to the source as possible and participation contributes to this. For example, the shareholders have made a proposal concerning the payment of dividend. This plan extends beyond the interests of the individual, and takes the future into account, as well as investments in further growth of the company. The plan has been put into practice one-on-one. Also here, Incentro applies the empowerment principle. I am really proud of this!”

“We base our company philosophy on employee happiness,” says Stef Lagomatis, managing director of Incentro, and a runner. “Happy Incentronauts provide excellent results. That is our starting point. The opportunity to buy shares of the company you work for has proven to be a success. Incentronauts are entrepreneurial types with passion and ambition. The offered opportunity to become co-owner suits them completely. It is expected that many more employees will seize the opportunity to participate more actively.”

about incentro

Incentro is an ICT service provider specialising in online, enterprise solutions and business intelligence. Incentro helps organizations to optimize the return on information, based on creative, innovative and above all relevant solutions. Specialism, ambition and happiness are core values in Incentro. Over 200 specialists (Incentronauts) have a strong passion for what they do. That’s why Incentro has been awarded the title ‘Great Place to Work for 4 years in a row.

Incentro works for top 500 organisations in Europe, with offices in the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey. For more information, go to www.incentro.comand get to know the #worldofincentro.

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