google named incentro most innovative partner of emea

Google has named Dutch ICT service provider Incentro its most innovative partner in EMEA during the Google Partner Summit, TeamWork 2015, in San Diego.

“The creativity, speed, and intensive cooperation pleased us greatly.” Michiel Valk, Managing Director of I-bridge, the ICT organization of Randstad Group.

This title is partly due to the project that Incentro conducted for Randstad Group, where they built a social digital workspace using Google Apps. Thanks to this newly-created Randstadnet, communication within Randstad’s operating companies has been optimized.

For Randstad, Incentro built a generic Google App Engine solution where the front ends of its operating companies Yacht, Randstad and Tempo Team as well as the supporting organizations of the Randstad Group could be connected. The resulting social digital workspace Randstadnet allows employees to easily work together from one landing page, from which they can access apps like Google Drive and Google Sites as well as standard apps like Calendar and Mail.

“It was a pleasure to work with Incentro. Incentro were excellent at shaping and implementing the concept, and in just five months. That can definitely be called impressive,” says Michiel.

The innovations of Randstadnet are not only that employees are connected to the Google Apps platform, but that they can also search the existing Central Addressbook of Randstad via Google Search and have access to ServiceNow and Salesforce. Additionally, social media channels connected to the platform, such as LinkedIn and Google Plus, are also included in the search results.

“Naturally, we’re very proud of the appreciation from Randstad and the recognition from Google. Our passion is creating beautiful and innovative solutions in close cooperation with our customers. With the project at Randstad we could use our creativity, innovation, speed, and drive. The pleasure is therefore entirely mutual,” says Kees van Bemmel, Managing Director at Incentro


about incentro

Incentro is an ICT service provider specialising in online, enterprise solutions and business intelligence. Incentro helps organizations to optimize the return on information, based on creative, innovative and above all relevant solutions. Specialism, ambition and happiness are core values in Incentro. Over 200 specialists (Incentronauts) have a strong passion for what they do. That’s why Incentro has been awarded the title ‘Great Place to Work for 4 years in a row.

Incentro works for top 500 organisations in Europe, with offices in the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey. For more information, go to www.incentro.comand get to know the #worldofincentro.

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