prediction 9: away with programmers, here come the modellers

Now that business is embracing IT as a tool for boosting innovation and achieving business benefits, they are faced with a new challenge. Typically, the average business department isn’t too crowded with programmers. For that, they need their traditional IT department, and isn’t that the reason they went to look for IT solutions themselves?

it gibberish

So, IT tools for the business cannot rely on developers to implement the solution. Business modellers with good understanding of IT, but not necessarily coding skills, should be able to do the job. 2014 saw a powerful rise of PaaS-based Rapid Application Development solutions. Of what? Never mind, forget about that IT gibberish.

Picture this: a browser-based environment where you can model your online enterprise applications in mere days. On top of all your existing legacy sources of data, content and business rules. So no need to replace the old stuff (too risky!), but all the benefits of modern day development methods. Mendix alone managed to raise millions of investment dollars to bring their platform to the world. And we understand why.

“There is a time and place for everything. Bye bye coding for rapid app delivery”

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