Prediction 6: the pro’s are going to dominate content marketing

Content marketing has been a hype for some time. The result is that an increasing number of organizations are acting as a publisher, setting up streams of posts and contributions about “important things”. In the process, they decide they want to dominate certain channels or maybe keywords, and for that they need a steady bombardment of “newsworthy stuff”. As that turned out to be quite a challenge, there is a lot of re-posting, re-tweeting, and other ways of recycling posts going on.

In print one knows old news is only good for wrapping fried fish, whereas online we can fool each other into presenting old news as topical over and over again. And this is where the modern day content marketing publicist needs to take another look at the publisher he is so carefully trying to copy.

Successful publishers have established their brand through careful curation of everything they post. It’s quality that matters, not quantity. This means that, if your organization does not have a distinctive message to share, content marketing may not be for you. The lesson to be learned in 2015 is that it is better to not market content then to market uninteresting content. It might even work against you.

“When you have nothing interesting to tell, perhaps it is best to keep quiet”

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