prediction 5: big data is not the challenge, sparse data is

Yes, there are very interesting big data cases. And there are more to follow. But the truth is that not all organizations are really facing big data challenges. There’s lots of data, that part is true. But big as in “hardly-manageable” or “no-way-we-can-process-all-that-data”? Not really.

Technological solutions are everywhere (see also prediction 4), so we can solve that part in most cases. What is much more difficult to solve, is the fact that all this data is hardly ever to be found in one single place. There are web servers, CRM applications, payment reports and what else that together provide the challenge of what is called sparse data. Data is also becoming less and less structured.

Bringing all that data together in a way that allows for analysis and manipulation, that’s where the real challenge is.

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