prediction 4: open source is no longer “an issue”, nor is cloud

Whether or not the source code of an application is open source doesn’t really matter. How well it is implemented, how flexible and adaptable it is to your needs and how easy you can replace it for the latest and greatest, matters much more. Most IT and business decision makers we know have come to terms with this idea. The same goes for cloud.

The scare-tactics of traditional vendors have worn off, the first profitable cases are becoming known, so many businesses are following. Only in very specific cases are there factual objections to open source or cloud, just as there are specific cases where the reverse is true. Open Source or Cloud can be crossed from the (technical) requirements list. Solutions are weighed on their value-ad, not on where they are hosted or who “owns” the source code.
Good examples of Open Source alternatives that have claimed their position in a competitive field of closed source vendors, are Alfresco (ECM/Document Management), Pentaho (Reporting) and Hadoop (Big Data).

“Cloud, Open Source, on-premise, COTS, I don’t care! What’s the best solution?”

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