prediction 2: marketing takes back the steering wheel

One might say that 2014 saw the end of the 1-to-1 bubble. Yes, technically we can still personalize right to the one single individual need. But from an organizational and managerial viewpoint, we must conclude that only relevant personalization seriously adds value. The marketing department is learning how to distinguish between the “possible” and the “valuable”, and in doing so, it is getting back into the driver seat of further enhancing relevancy for users.

Of course, it was not hard to predict that a resurrection was imminent. As the availability of cloud-based IT for marketeers increased, it was only a matter of time before marketeers embraced the technological possibilities directly themselves. And it goes without saying that marketing would then have to follow the learning curve of how to implement and use technology in a sensible way, just as most IT guys are still learning. The great benefit marketeers have, is their relentless business-orientation, and therefore it is easy to predict that they will get to this point quite soon. Well done.

“A fool with a tool is still a fool. Marketeers are no fools.”

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